How we work

At Beautiful Room we want to understand who you are, how you live and what you love,

to help you create beautiful spaces that bring joy and tell your story.


INITIAL CONSULTATION // 60 - 90 minutes 

The first step on your journey with Beautiful Room is to book an Initial Consultation.  This is an opportunity for us to see your space and to understand what is working well for you and what you might like to change.  Your Designer will observe how your space functions, ask you lots of questions, take photographs/measurements and offer broad advisory services as appropriate.  At the end of your Initial Consultation your Designer will explain next steps, highlighting any Project Development work or Follow-up Consultation/s that may be required.

Prior to your Initial Consultation we recommend that you -

  • Determine what you would like to achieve and an order of priority
  • Discuss your budget & timeframe
  • Locate any existing architectural plans for your Designer
  • Gather inspirational images/photos to share with your Designer


Following your Initial Consultation we may need to spend some time drawing, sourcing materials and finishes or preparing design schemes 'behind the scenes.'  We refer to this type of work as 'Project Development' and it is charged at your Designer's hourly rate.  Please note: we will always seek your approval prior to commencing any Project Development work.



Follow-up Consultations provide us with an opportunity to present and discuss our design concepts, ideas and/or selections with you.  During these meetings we encourage your feedback, to ensure you understand and feel comfortable with the creative direction in which we are heading.  Follow-up Consultations may be conducted onsite, in the studio, or at a showroom nominated by your Designer.  Follow-up Consultations are charged at your Designer's hourly rate.  



Once final decisions have been made for custom made cabinetry, furniture, window treatments, rugs, soft furnishings and/or accessories your Designer will provide you with a written quotation, which will include delivery and installation.



For projects involving new builds and renovations, we can offer our support throughout construction.  Our Project Management Fee is generally calculated at 5% of the 'total build cost' and includes unlimited phone calls, emails and meetings with your Designer and all related third parties, to answer questions and/or make decisions related to the build.  We are happy to work with your chosen trades, or our allied trades.  Please see your Designer for more information.